A stocking for Isabella

December 07, 2018
When baby Bella came three months early, her family found a home at RMHC Toronto.
The Triantafilou family
Isabella was supposed to be a Christmas baby. Instead, she unexpectedly came three months early.

Thanks to your support, the Triantafilou family has found a home at RMHC Toronto since late September while they wait for ‘baby Bella’ to get stronger and healthy enough to go home with them to Oshawa. Her hospital room is so close to the House that the family can actually see it lit up at night from their bedroom window.

Daniel and Nathan this summer, before Isabella's unexpected early birth.

Life with Isabella is “day by day”, says Lisa, which is why the family is so grateful for RMHC Toronto.

“It’s been a godsend in so many ways.”

And top of the list is that she and her husband, Peter, can stay close to their sons, Daniel, 4, and Nathan, 2, while they care for their newborn.

“Before Isabella’s birth, I was with the boys 24-7. I couldn’t imagine being away from them now.”

“It’s become a home away from home for us,” says Peter.

The boys are active around the House – playing inside and out and participating in arts and crafts programs, comedy nights and teddy bear clinics.

Lisa says the boys love going down to dinner in the evening because it’s where they often meet their new friends. “They are growing up here, becoming more social, and learning to think about others.”

As the family looks ahead to the holiday season, they know things will be different for their family. Christmas is a big event in their household. But, they are comforted to know RMHC Toronto has big plans to bring the festive spirit to the House. And inside the family’s room at the House, they’ll be hanging a third stocking this year labelled “Beautiful Baby Bella,” looking forward to the day they can take her home in 2019.

“My favourite word for RMHC Toronto is ‘amazing’,” says Lisa. “I can’t say it enough.”

A visit with Isabella 

Living so close to Isabella in the hospital makes it easy for her mom and dad to spend time with her every day. She responds to her visits with her big brothers just as much. Isabella perks up when Daniel and Nathan, enter her hospital room, says Lisa.


“She is so alert. She knows their voices so well and her eyes open wide.”

The boys love the visits too. “They talk to her and argue over what they are going to buy her when she gets home – a pink fire truck or Skye (the female character) from Paw Patrol.

Despite the loving arguments between siblings, Peter says, “It gives me peace seeing that my kids are together and they are happy here.”