December 08, 2018
A family comes together at RMHC Toronto after early birth of their daughter.
McInnes family
Before giving birth to her daughter five months ago, Trisha Greer had never been away from her two-year-old son, Brady – not even for a night.

So when little Sofia was born six weeks early in June, it separated the tight knit family from outside Perth, Ont. for the first time.

Finding a home at Ronald McDonald House Charities Toronto a few days later meant the family could be reunited after her birth.

“Brady was pretty happy to see us,” says Trisha of that first meeting with her and her husband, Brandon McInnes, after Sofia’s unexpected early arrival.

And because Sofia’s health was fragile, she says the family needed each other all the more.

“You need family at times like this.”

While doctors were initially unsure at first if Sofia would survive – she had a weak and enlarged heart – they were delighted to learn in August that she was eligible for a heart transplant. Now, they are waiting for the call.


While they wait, they are taking full advantage of the facilities and programs at the House, hoping to create as much normalcy for Brady as possible.

Trisha is especially appreciative of the laundry facilities and evening dinners. Brady loves the playground, the gym and horsing around on the bean bags. “He’s making lots of friends and growing up as we’re here,” says Trisha. The family especially loves visits from their extended family.

“If we didn’t have RMHC Toronto, I don’t know what we’d do. I’d be living in the hospital, and we wouldn’t be able to be together. I’d miss part of Brady growing up.”

Having Brady here also means he can be part of Sofia’s early months.

“Brandon and I try to explain everything to Brady, and it’s amazing what he understands,” says Trisha. “He calls her his ‘sister princess’, and we notice how she brightens up as soon as she hears his voice. She is sweet and smart and starting to smile.”


Until the call comes, the family is making the best of every day, says Brandon.

“The days are long, but we are both getting lots of time with both our children, thanks to RMHC Toronto.”