A father’s gift

June 15, 2021
All donations on Father’s Day to be matched by Sun Life.
A baby smiling while lying down in a man's lap
When his son, Bruno, was born premature, Cian knew that there could be complications. 
As Bruno grew older, Cian wished he could do something to help his very sick son. His wish eventually came true when he was the donor for Bruno’s liver transplant.
Bruno was born on October 29, 2019, at only 22 weeks, and his liver and intestines did not develop properly. In early February 2021, doctors told Cian and his wife, Nancy, they had to leave their home in Vancouver for Bruno to receive specialized care in Toronto. They got a room at RMHC Toronto so they could stay close to the hospital.
As Bruno’s health continued to deteriorate, Cian was able to give Bruno the ultimate gift – a liver donation in early May 2021.
“It was scary to have the loves of my life in surgery at the same time. Being at RMHC Toronto made it possible for us to get through this together,” says Nancy.

As Cian continues to recover from his surgery, he is grateful RMHC Toronto is providing him a safe and comfortable home close to Bruno’s room at the hospital.

“Bruno is doing much better, and he’s showing us a whole new side of him. He is so energetic and playful now, so I’m glad I’m only a few minutes away from his hospital room to spend as much time with him as possible,” says Cian. “I’m still recovering, but it’s been so worth it to see my son healthy and happy.”

Sun Life recognizes the sacrifices dads make for their family. Honour a special father figure in your life this Father’s Day by donating to RMHC Toronto and Sun Life will double your impact.
All donations until Father’s Day, June 20, 2021, will be doubled by Sun Life. *
“I’m so proud of my husband and son,” says Nancy. “The support from donors to RMHC Toronto makes every second feel like a miracle, because we are here together.”
Donate now to give a Father’s Day gift and have double the impact on families staying at RMHC Toronto like Cian, Nancy and Bruno.
Thank you to our generous partners at Sun Life for their incredible support in honour of the strong fathers at RMHC Toronto.

*To a maximum total contribution of $12,000.