RMHC Toronto mom, Crystal, shares how your support is keeping Elliot close to his siblings.

Crystal always knew that her three children had a special bond. Now, she truly sees how deep it is as Emilia and Emmett have kept their big brother, Elliot, smiling through the most difficult time in his life.

This past August, doctors discovered that Elliot had a brain tumor. When the family received the news, Elliot and Crystal were immediately airlifted to Toronto from their home in Torrance, Ont. for emergency surgery to remove the tumor.

“When your child receives a lifechanging diagnosis, it’s an understatement to say it’s a shock,” says Crystal. “I’m a mom, so I just did what moms do best: I put on a brave face for all three of my kids while trying to manage all of my own worries and fears. The only thought that kept running through my mind was, ‘What am I going to do?'”

It was in those difficult days that she discovered RMHC Toronto. Crystal’s mother, as well as her two other children, Emilia and Emmett, were able to come to Toronto and be reunited at the House. Once they were back together, it gave Crystal peace of mind to know they could help each other stay positive and focus on Elliot. “It’s a day that I’ll never forget,” she states.

Did you know? Every gift of $183 supports a family like Crystal’s at RMHC Toronto for one night.

Elliot is now receiving chemotherapy to treat the cancer that has spread down his spine. And the family is relying on donors like you so that they can stay together at RMHC Toronto.

Crystal and her family has been staying at the House since August, and they don’t know when they’ll get to go back home.

It’s only because of you that I’m able to tuck each of my kids in to bed every night. Please give generously this holiday season, because your support helps families like mine.

Crystal, RMHC Toronto mom

Crystal continues, “If we weren’t staying at the House, our lives would be very different. As a single mother, I’d have to be separated from my children. Having my own mother here with us at the House means that my children are always supported, whether it’s with their schoolwork or going to the hospital for treatment. Knowing we’re going through this together is helping me feel less stressed and allowing me to be there for all three of my children.”

Her family has a rule that they must laugh at least once a day to stay positive throughout Elliot’s treatment. Luckily, Crystal smiles as she recounts how easy it has been for them laugh together at the House. RMHC Toronto is more than just a House for many families – especially because of the amazing services, like the Meals for Families program. These dinners that are delivered to every room allow families to eat a nutritious meal and spend quality time together, rather than grocery shopping and cooking.

Thanks to you, Elliot and his family are making plenty of happy memories at the House during a time that would otherwise be devastating.

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Being at RMHC Toronto has truly strengthened the bond between the siblings. Elliot has always been a great big brother by looking out for his little brother and sister, but now Crystal can see how Emilia and Emmett have also helped Elliot to find strength and smile on his most difficult days.

“I’m so thankful for your continued support of RMHC Toronto. I always try to look at the positive in our situation, but it’s scary to think about where we would be if it wasn’t for the House. I know firsthand that your donation is making an incredible impact on the lives of families with a seriously ill child,” says Crystal. “Thank you so much for keeping my family together.”