Our friends at Subaru are participating in Wear Your Stripes to support families.

The RMHC Toronto community is currently gathering as many red and white striped items as possible, ahead of our new fundraising campaign Wear Your Stripes from October 15-17, 2021.

Wear Your Stripes is a fun and meaningful way for us to connect with our caring and compassionate community of donors, volunteers, families, and friends as we raise funds to support families who need us – now, more than ever.

We are so grateful that Wear Your Stripes is presented by Subaru, long-time supporters of RMHC Toronto.  

In 2020, we celebrated 20 years of support from Subaru and a total of $1 million dollars donated to support families at our House and Family Rooms.

“I’m so grateful that Subaru is sponsoring Wear Your Stripes. Subaru is making it possible for us to unite our community as we work towards our shared goal of keeping families together,” says Catherine Bridgman, CEO of RMHC Toronto.

Joe Felstein, Senior Director, Subaru Academy & Customer Experience, is one of the many staff members at Subaru who is participating in Wear Your Stripes.

“Subaru is encouraging all Dealers in Ontario to participate in Wear Your Stripes. I’m hoping we can create some friendly competition to raise essential funds for RMHC Toronto,” says Joe.

As he fundraises and encourages his colleagues to join in on the fun, Joe says he is motivated by our mission.

RMHC Toronto creates a special feeling of compassion, humanity, and understanding. It’s clear to see the impact this has on families. Subaru is pleased and honoured to support Wear Your Stripes.

Thank you to Joe and the many other Subaru team members who are showing their love for RMHC Toronto by participating in Wear Your Stripes.

It’s not too late to join us! Register today at wearyourstripes.ca.