Cam Binnie says giving back to the community is “not just what we do. It’s who we are.”

Mississauga-area McDonald’s Owner/Operator Cam Binnie started his career at McDonald’s as a crew member while in high school, back in 1979. He loved the job, and continued to work summers while he was in university, but after graduation he thought he should “put on a suit and go to Bay St.”

Cam’s father had different advice for him. He said, “You know, McDonald’s is a business that’s growing. You already know you love it.” He convinced Cam to try it for six months.

Cam took his father’s advice and has been in the McDonald’s family ever since.

His career took him to London, Ontario, as the Operations Manager for the Southwestern Ontario region, where he became deeply involved in the RMHC mission as a board member for RMHC Southwestern Ontario.

Later, when he moved to Halifax as the Director of the Atlantic Canada region, he sat on the board of RMHC Atlantic for five years. “When I was in Halifax, I met a dad from New Brunswick at an event. He was so blown away that local people in Halifax were raising money for families who came from outside their community – for families like his. He said, this is the most selfless giving. It’s true charity in every way.”

In 2007, Cam bought four restaurants in Mississauga, and today he owns ten restaurants across Mississauga and Milton. One of the things he’s most proud of is his involvement in opening the Ronald McDonald Family Rooms at Credit Valley Hospital. Cam worked closely with other Owner/Operators in the area to connect the hospital to RMHC Toronto and raise money for the Family Rooms.

Through his work, Cam meets many people who have been touched by RMHC’s mission. “I remember someone I met once at a golf tournament. They said that having a child sick enough to be in the hospital is about the worst thing a parent can think of happening. The House gave them a bit of peace and calm with people who understood what they were going through. Hospitals are great, but they’re very sterile. The House has warmth to it.”

For McDonald’s Owner/Operators like Cam, and their employees, there’s a real sense of pride over RMHC Toronto.

“We think of it as our House, our Family Rooms, our charity. The cornerstone of our giving is RMHC Toronto and always will be. That’s our charity. There’s that sense that all Owner/Operators have that it’s ours, it’s part of our family. There’s not an Owner/Operator who wouldn’t agree.”

“McDonald’s is a strong brand, and RMHC is a part of that. Our brand will remain strong because of the way we treat our guests and because of the charity. It’s not just what we do. It’s who we are. It’s part of our DNA. We want to give back to the community. We care about kids and families.”

Our sincere gratitude to Cam and his team for their ongoing commitment to keeping families with seriously ill children together. To find out more about the incredible support of our Owner/Operator community, visit Our McDonald’s Relationship.