Area Supervisor Vince Schneider is one of only nine winners around the world to be awarded McDonald’s Global Three-Legged Stool Award in 2021.

Vince Schneider was the first crew person to be hired when McDonald’s opened in Collingwood in 1977. He started off on the grill, working for Owner/Operator Barry Kelly. Today, Vince is Area Supervisor for Barry’s son, Brent Kelly, and describes the Kelly family as long-time friends and “wonderful people.”

Vince recalls that Barry Kelly saw potential in him and recognized his efforts enough to make Vince realize he had an opportunity to grow at McDonald’s.

In 1990, Vince was selected as one of 20 “Outstanding Managers of the Year” to join Founder of McDonald’s Canada/RMHC Canada and McDonald’s Russia, George Cohon, as he travelled to Russia to establish McDonald’s there. The Berlin Wall had just come down the previous year and in the post-Soviet era, there was a lot the team had to adapt to. Meetings were cancelled at the last minute without explanation, and strict protocols were enforced.

“The first week or two we were there, the line-ups to get in were incredible. People were lining up for 10 or 12 hours in minus 12 degrees. Before I went, I learned about 30 words in Russian and the locals were drawn to me when I tried to speak their language,” says Vince.

Despite working hard to be awarded the trip, Vince feels that luck may have also played a role. “George announced that he would pick people to go maybe one or two years ahead of time. Once I found out, I was always looking for ways to get selected. I told everyone I was learning Russian. I wrote a letter to George Cohon. In the end, that wasn’t why I was chosen. The year before, I took a trip to my dad’s hometown in Germany and in the airport, there were McDonald’s Corporate people wearing McDonald’s jackets. I walked across to say hello and in that group there happened to be someone who was on the selection committee. I think I was selected because he happened to remember me.”

When asked about his sustained passion and commitment to his work, Vince puts it down to being competitive. “When we see the numbers of which restaurant raised how much money, it makes me want to come in at the top. One year, our restaurants [in the Collingwood/Wasaga area] were in the top 10 across Canada for funds raised, and I was so proud. But, the more I got involved, the more I felt good about not only supporting RMHC Toronto, but passing that message on to others. I have to be honest, my father-in-law pushes me and keeps me motivated, too. He’s very active in the community as a Shriner and together, we have a local fundraising group every year. He’s constantly asking me, “what do we have to do next? How can we do this better?

Vince’s commitment to raising money for his local RMHC Chapter in Toronto was recognized recently when he won McDonald’s Global Three-Legged Stool Award. This award recognizes McDonald’s employees, franchisees and suppliers who champion the McDonald’s values of Community and Family by actively contributing to RMHC at a local, regional or national level. Vince is one of only nine winners around the world.

“There are quite a few parents who come up to me on McHappy Day to say they stayed at RMHC Toronto when their child was in the hospital. They’re always so grateful, and it’s very powerful. I want people to know, including our staff, how important RMHC Toronto’s work is. Knowing you are making a difference is a great feeling to pass on.”

– Vince Schneider

Our gratitude goes out to Vince Schneider, Owner/Operator Brent Kelly, and their team for their ongoing commitment to keeping families with seriously ill children together. To find out more about the incredible support of our Owner/Operator community, please visit Our McDonald’s Relationship.