Gifts in Kind FAQ

Do you accept used items?
Unfortunately, for the health and safety of the children we support, many of whom have weakened immune systems, we are unable to accept used toys or clothing.

Do you take hand-made items?
Yes, we do accept hand-made items, as long as they are on our Wish List.

When can I deliver my gifts?
So that you may be properly greeted and thanked, we ask that you please arrange a delivery time in advance by emailing us at

Can you pick up my gifts?
Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to pick up gift-in-kind donations.

Why are there no toys on the Wish List?
Thanks to the generosity of past donors, we have a sufficient amount of toys and books.

Can I get a tour of the House when I drop off my gifts in kind? 
Please request a tour when you contact us to book your delivery time. We will do our absolute best to give you a tour when you arrive.

I would like to give you something that is not on your Wish List. What do I do?
Our Wish List is carefully developed and updated on a regular basis to ensure we are meeting the highest priority needs of the House and the Family Rooms and the families who use our services. Unfortunately, because of storage limitations, we are unable to accept gifts in kind that are not on our Wish List.

I have a question that is not answered here. Who can I contact?
Please email