Due to COVID-19, we have updated our admission criteria and process to protect the health and safety of our families, staff, and community.

We are currently only accepting referrals from SickKids and Mt. Sinai Hospital. Please contact your Toronto hospital social worker to discuss qualifying criteria and next steps for your referral. If you have any questions, please contact our Family Services department at: 416-977-0458.

Families who stay at the House

Live a minimum distance of 55 km away from the House

Are parents/legal guardians of a child, 18 years of age or younger, receiving medical treatment for a life-threatening or serious illness at SickKids or another local hospital

Have a referral from a hospital social worker in Toronto, and complete an application form

Application Process

Call us at 416-977-0458 to ensure you qualify to stay with us.

Contact your hospital to ensure that a referral is made on your behalf.

Once we have received your referral from your hospital Social Worker, you will be sent email links to complete a criminal background check.

Pending the results of your background check, you will receive email confirmation that you’ve been added to our wait list.

Make alternate arrangements. We cannot guarantee that a room will be available upon your arrival. If calling one of the following area hotels, explain that you are travelling to receive hospital care and inquire if they have a discounted hospital rate.


Call us at 416-977-0458 the day before you arrive to check for room availability.

Families are encouraged to call Family Services at 416-977-0458 one day prior to the referral request date to check on room availability. The family will remain on the Wait List until a room becomes available. It is not necessary to call daily. Should a room no longer be required, a call to Family Services is appreciated.

Please note:

  • Siblings and other family members may accompany the parents of the ill child.
  • Parents under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian for the entire duration of their stay.
  • All adults and overnight guests must complete a criminal background check as part of the admissions process.
  • We offer one bedroom per family.
  • Anyone suffering from, or who has recently been exposed to, a communicable illness cannot be admitted. This includes family members with a cold or the flu. We stand by this policy to minimize risk to children with weakened immune systems.

Regrettably, because the demand for rooms is so high, we are unable to accommodate families whose children have been referred to Toronto hospitals for specialized procedures, surgeries or treatment of illnesses which are not life-threatening.

While the actual cost to RMHC Toronto to accommodate one family is $183 per night, donations mean families are asked to contribute just $15 a night. A family is defined as up to two adults and their children. Payments are made to the Family Services staff at the House.

Rooms cannot be booked in advance. If rooms are unavailable on the date you are approved to arrive, you will be placed on a wait list and asked to continue calling daily to identify when a room becomes available. Please have a backup accommodation plan in place.

When a child is returning for continuing medical care for the same condition, a new referral needs to be made through a hospital social worker.