Our House

To ensure the safety of all families at the House, all adult family members and overnight guests are required to complete a criminal background check as part of the admissions process. You will be asked to complete an online form. Our decision on your eligibility to stay at the House can only be made after we receive the results.

This happens frequently. Please contact your social worker and ask them to resend another referral form with the new date. Or, ask them to call our Family Services team with the new date. We can always change your expected arrival date in our files, but we must receive confirmation from your social worker.

We are not formally affiliated with SickKids, but most of the families in the House have children being treated at SickKids, as well as a few other Toronto hospitals.

Our Family Rooms

Due to limited space, only primary caregivers are typically able to stay overnight in one of our sleep rooms or sleep pods. If an extended family member or friend is acting as a primary caregiver, then they are able to stay overnight in one of the sleep rooms or sleep pods. As our Family Room at SickKids is open 24 hours a day, we do our best to accommodate extended family members in our lounge area.

Because our Family Rooms are a clinical-free space and their purpose is for families to have a place to relax and recharge within the hospital, we ask that patients not use the Family Room.

There is no cost to use any of our Family Rooms, thanks to donations to RMHC Toronto.

RMHC Toronto School

If you would like to volunteer, please review Current Openings and apply through the RMHC Toronto website. If you would like to complete a field placement, please send an email inquiry including your resume, and details of your placement to rmhcschool@rmhctoronto.ca.

One-on-one EASEL (Engaging Academic, Social and Emotional Learning) sessions are available for students who do not require, or are unable to participate, in full-day learning. Sessions are 30-45 minutes in length and can occur in-person or virtually.

Elementary students

Once a child registers, and consent has been obtained, staff at RMHC Toronto School connect with hometown school staff to obtain information regarding strengths, needs and current curriculum goals. Upon leaving RMHC Toronto, a short-term report or Ontario Report Card (depending on length of stay) is sent to the student’s hometown school indicating progress made in terms of learning skills and curriculum expectations. RMHC Toronto School reports can be filed in students’ records.

Secondary students

Once a child registers, and consent has been obtained, staff at RMHC Toronto School connect with hometown school staff to obtain information regarding current courses and goals. RMHC Toronto School staff collaborate closely with the student’s hometown school throughout their enrolment to ensure progress is made on credits. Upon leaving RMHC Toronto, a summary of a student’s accomplishments is provided to the hometown school.


Our Wish List is carefully developed and updated on a regular basis to ensure we are meeting the highest priority needs of the House and the Family Rooms and the families who use our services. Unfortunately, because of storage limitations, we are unable to accept gifts in kind that are not on our Wish List.

Please request a tour when you contact us to book your delivery time. We will do our absolute best to give you a tour when you arrive.


Another good question! Take time to think about whether you are able to make the six-month commitment to volunteer with us. If this commitment won’t work with your schedule right now however, please know that we recruit volunteers throughout the year and you can reconnect with us when you have more time.

Our Volunteer Engagement team is not involved in the recruitment or hiring of current volunteers within the House or our Family Rooms. Job openings are sent to all of our current volunteers, along with information on how to apply.

RMHC Toronto does offer student placements, but not through Volunteer Engagement. For more information about student placements, send your information to info@rmhctoronto.ca. Please indicate in the subject line what your email pertains to.