Meet the Teachers

Katie Doering
Katie Doering,
Bachelor of Education, Special Education Specialist, PhD

Katie began working at RMHC Toronto in 2003 and was instrumental in the creation of RMHC Toronto School. In the classroom, Katie excels at merging student interests and social and emotional needs with curriculum requirements. As a principal, she is an award-winning mentor committed to helping others reach their full potential. Katie has researched educational opportunities and resources available to children with serious illnesses, and how to best communicate difficult knowledge to children. Her dissertation examined picture books featuring main characters with cancer. Katie is often invited to share her expertise at local and international events.  

“I am continually inspired by our students to improve the delivery of school services, educational success rates and overall quality of life for children with serious illnesses and their families.”

Ryan Day, Teacher
Bachelor of Education

Ryan began teaching at RMHC Toronto School in 2016. Previously he spent two years teaching on a reserve in Northern Manitoba and two years working in the United Kingdom. Ryan’s passion is in mathematics, and he is currently working toward a specialist degree. His favourite aspect of teaching at RMHC Toronto School is the cooperative, family-like atmosphere where students and teachers work collaboratively in their learning. 

“Learning at RMHC Toronto School is always unique. I enjoy customizing the educational experience for each student and granting children the opportunity to contribute and shape their learning journey.” 

Mishelle GarayMishelle Garay, Teacher
Bachelor of Education

Mishelle began teaching at RMHC Toronto School in 2014. She is passionate about teaching science and language because both subjects provide students with opportunities for curiosity, overcoming challenges and discovering ways to grow. Mishelle’s favourite part about teaching at RMHC Toronto School is seeing how the multi-grade learning community allows teachers, principals, support staff and students to share new ideas and add new experiences to their learning.

“I enjoy building strong connections with students because it is vital to maintaining our strong classroom community, inspiring student motivation, and preparing them for future success.”