This September, families, staff, volunteers, and friends once again participated in Wear Your Stripes – a fundraising event in support of RMHC Toronto. On September 17 and 18, participants walked the block in red-and-white-stripes to raise awareness and funds in support of the many families who rely on RMHC Toronto to keep them close to their sick children in the hospital.

Thanks to our incredible community, Wear Your Stripes raised more than $75,000 and counting to support the families we serve. This will provide more than 400 nights of comfort for families at RMHC Toronto.

Whether it was in their community, around the mall, or even at RMHC Toronto’s House in downtown Toronto, fundraisers donned their stripes and walked 1.4 km; representing the distance between the House and the local hospitals that our families visit to be with their seriously ill children in the hospital.

Wear Your Stripes was made possible through the support of dedicated fundraisers and generous donors, including our 2022 stripes sponsors, Maestro PMS and Purves Redmond Limited, as well as our matching sponsor, Coca-Cola.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported RMHC Toronto by participating in Wear Your Stripes!