Celebrating Mother’s Day with a note of gratitude from one RMHC Toronto mom.

Mothers of very sick children rarely ask for much, but what we do need is dignity. It can be found in the everyday things that most people take for granted.

A bathtub to soak my swollen ankles after being on my feet all day.

A cup of hot coffee after one too many sleepless nights.

A moment of serenity away from beeps and glowing equipment.

A warm meal at the end of the day when I have not found time to eat.

A washing machine to clean my son’s favourite, fuzzy blanket.

A mailing address to receive basic essentials through lockdowns of a global pandemic.

A place where my husband and I can stay while one of us is bedside at the hospital and the day becomes too much.

A home after discharge when my family can finally be together.

This is just a short list of what you have given me these past three months to continue to be a loving mother and a supportive wife.

I can’t thank you enough for being there for us during the most difficult leg of our son’s cancer treatment.

Thank you for getting me through another day so I can conquer the next.

Forever grateful,

Anne Moore