Past RMHC Toronto moms raise money to sponsor Mother’s Day dinner.

For many families, Mother’s Day is spent honouring the mother figures in their lives. But for the families staying at RMHC Toronto, this annual celebratory day is typically spent just like any other – caring for their seriously ill child.

Families who have stayed at our House know just how difficult it can be to balance life with a child who is sick. RMHC Toronto moms Jessica and Kayla have been there before and are committed to raising $5,000 to provide our families currently staying at the House with a homemade dinner on Mother’s Day.

Jessica and Kayla met three years ago while their children were in the NICU, and quickly bonded over their shared experiences. Since returning home, they are closer than ever and have created an online blog and community called Beyond the Beads to share information and provide support to other caregivers of a seriously ill child.

“We connected over the fact that we didn’t see a lot of support online for caring for medically-complex, hospitalized, and critically-ill children, and we felt like we both needed that,” says Kayla.

Providing families with a nutritious meal after a long day at the hospital is one of the most important ways RMHC Toronto supports families, and we have honoured this commitment throughout the COVID-19 crisis with our Meals for Families program. Three times a week, safely prepared and individually packaged dinners are made on-site by caterers and then delivered to each family’s door. Every week, a set menu card is sent to families so they can select which night they would like to receive the meal.

Jessica and Kayla’s fundraiser will sponsor this vital service to families, including the fresh food ingredients, compensating the caterers, staff time to deliver the meals, and cleaning and sanitizing.

“We can’t imagine having to go through our RMHC Toronto experience during a global pandemic, so we wanted to do something special for these families who are going through so much right now,” says Jessica.

Having previously stayed at the House during holidays like Mother’s Day, Jessica and Kayla know how important it is to receive a kind gesture on those days.

“Our goal is for all the mamas, parents, and guardians to feel extra special and appreciated because they truly deserve it,” says Kayla.

RMHC Toronto extends a heartfelt thank you to Jessica and Kayla for their generosity, dedication, and compassion for families staying with us.

If you are interested in supporting our Meals for Families program, please email