It has been a busy semester at RMHC Toronto School as both in-person and virtual learning options have continued for patients and siblings staying at our House.

Our RMHC Toronto School team recently had some extra support from Matthew, a Bachelor of Education student who completed his final program placement with RMHC Toronto School.

Matthew found his experience in an alternative classroom environment with a vulnerable population extremely valuable.

“The children I met were facing unique challenges, and the teachers always showed empathy. At RMHC Toronto School, the teachers need to create lessons for children of all ages, which was difficult for me to grasp at first,” said Matthew. “But I realized it is about finding activities that let students show a variety of skills. This reinforced that I want to build quality relationships with my students to create a positive classroom environment.”

Matthew leading a virtual health lesson with RMHC Toronto School students.

Matthew noted that one of his most memorable moments from his placement took place at the end of his final lesson.

Once Matthew completed his lesson, the students surprised him by giving advice on how to be a great teacher. Some of the memorable advice included:

• “Try to make every class interesting. Know that the more you talk, the less it sinks in.” – Admire
• “Don’t make online assignments due at 11:59 p.m. Make them due at 8 p.m. instead.” – Avery
• “Start the day off with reading to help the students open up their minds.” – Ty
• “While students are working, put on music that they like. Don’t let assignments pile up. Assign one thing at a time.” – Junior
• “Don’t give your students a lecture.” – Lydia
• “Teach them all about outer space.” – Oliver

“Seeing the students smile and hearing their innocent comments showed me that students should have more of a say in what they would like to do in the classroom!” said Matthew.

With only three months left in the school year, the RMHC Toronto School team is so pleased they are compassionately providing a unique, student-centred learning environment to facilitate academic, emotional, and social success.

Learn more about RMHC Toronto School and the supports available for students while their family is staying at the House.