For students at RMHC Toronto School, they find inspiration through their own unique and diverse interests, while also following the Ontario Curriculum.

In March, Kindergarteners learned about the importance of strength and stability when building a structure. As they learned more about structures, students asked if animals used similar principles when building their own habitats.

This led to them learning about beavers, who are known for their ability to build strong structures called dams.

Together with their teacher, the Kindergarteners read “How Glooscap Created Sugarloaf Mountain,” as told by the Mi’kmaq people. This legend talks about the great beaver who built a dam that stopped salmon from going up the river.

This story inspired the students, so they went into the school yard to find their own materials for building a dam. The group worked together and, with careful building, testing, and re-building, students created their own strong and stable dam.

Lessons like this are just one of the many ways RMHC Toronto School offers a unique, student-centred learning environment that facilitates academic, emotional, and social development.

Recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education, RMHC Toronto School is proud to offer programs to all school-aged patients and siblings of patients from junior kindergarten to Grade 12 staying at the House. Thanks to our donors, there is no cost to attend RMHC Toronto School.

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