RMHC Toronto’s March Break Camp creates an engaging space for imagination and fun!

For the first time in three years, RMHC Toronto’s popular March Break Camp was held completely in person.

The theme was “makerspace” – a collaborative space inside a school, library or public/private space for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses everything from high-tech to no-tech tools.

Makerspaces allow children to be creative while also providing time for hands-on learning, critical thinking and self-expression.

Creating something out of nothing is central to makerspaces, and our young campers – children being treated at nearby hospitals and/or their siblings – had the opportunity to do just that!

“Campers get to make friends, learn and grow,” says Katie Doering, Principal at RMHC Toronto School. “Knowing that our campers are going through a difficult time in their lives makes offering March Break Camp even more important.”

With a full week of activities planned, campers were busy crafting and building using a variety of materials.

Children made flowers out of scrap paper, DIY “I spy” bottles and forts out of cardboard. There were also scavenger hunts, dance parties with glow sticks, games of hide-and-seek and plenty of laughter throughout the week.

The March Break Camp at RMHC Toronto gives children a chance to have fun during a difficult time in their lives while staying close to their families and the hospital. 

Thanks to support from our donors, RMHC Toronto provides Ontario Camps Association-accredited camp each July and August, during PD Days, March Break and holidays.

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