Our Family Services Manager, Arin Renaud, was recognized by her peers for her outstanding compassion and teamwork through the Anita Price Award of Excellence

Since her first shift at our front desk on Christmas Eve in 2018, Family Services Manager Arin Renaud has demonstrated exemplary compassion, resilience, and teamwork in supporting RMHC Toronto families and staff. We’re proud to share that Arin is this year’s winner of the 5th Annual Anita Price Employee Award of Excellence.

Arin has fulfilled various roles within the organization, from Front Desk Coordinator to Family Service Team Lead and, eventually, landing in her current role as Family Services Manager.

She shares: “My favourite part about working here is the connections I get to make with families and the friendships I’ve made with staff.” These heartfelt connections and her unwavering dedication to serving others were acknowledged by her peers in their nominations.

Here are some of the things Arin’s nominating peers had to say about her:

“Arin is such a caring and kind person and there to not only give us a helping hand when needed but families too!”

“Arin is always there for the team. She greets you with a smile, a coffee and a listening ear.”

“Arin has spent many late nights at the house to cover for others. Arin truly believes in togetherness and support for families.”

Arin’s journey is a testament to her resilience and commitment to personal growth. From starting as a Duty Coordinator to now leading the Family Services team, she has always approached her work with a warm smile and an open heart.

Beyond her impressive leadership skills, Arin’s true passion lies in the connections she forges with the families we serve. Those bonds not only provide comfort to families during challenging times but also leave a lasting impact on everyone involved.

We congratulate Arin on this well-deserved recognition and thank her for embodying the spirit of Anita Price throughout her journey with us. With Arin’s support, RMHC Toronto continues to be a place of love, care, and togetherness for the families we serve. Her dedication and genuine kindness truly make a difference in the lives of those she touches.