New meal program provides families with dinner to their door.

Providing families with a nutritious meal after a long day at the hospital is one of the most important ways RMHC Toronto supports the families who stay at our House. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we have honoured this commitment by launching our new Meals for Families program.

In March, we adopted an essential visitor policy at the House which forced the temporary suspension of our programming. This included Home for Dinner, where groups of around 20 people cook and serve a homemade meal.

Candice Gurwitz, Director of Family Services and Programs, says it was a priority to continue to support families and lessen the negative impact of the cancellation.

“On top of having a child who is sick, these families are managing life during a pandemic. We knew that continuing to provide a healthy homecooked meal would help maintain a sense of normalcy and provide a much-needed sense of comfort,” says Candice.

RMHC Toronto has run the Meals for Families program since mid-March. Safely prepared and individually wrapped dinners are delivered to each family’s door three times a week.

Stephanie Nyberg, Assistant Manager of Programs, manages this program with a pair of caterers, who are familiar with the procedures and policies at RMHC Toronto since they cook the meals on holidays like Christmas.

Every week, Stephanie and the caterers plan a set menu card for families to select which nights they would like to receive the meal based on what is being served. There is also an option available for vegetarians.

“There’s a lot of love that goes into every meal. The caterers use high quality ingredients and the caterer’s recipes that have been passed down for generations,” says Stephanie.

Since the program has been launched, the feedback from families has been overwhelmingly positive.

“RMHC Toronto has been such a blessing and the meals are so yummy,” says one mom currently staying at the House.

There are few things that give the comfort of home like a warm and delicious dinner. We are so thankful for our generous donors who help make this possible.

If you are interested in supporting families at RMHC Toronto through our Meals for Families program, please email