Our summer camp is providing a safe and fun experience for kids this summer.

Weeks before RMHC Toronto Camp started on July 8, a young girl staying with her family at the House kept calling the Front Desk from her room.

She excitedly asked when Camp would be starting. She could hardly wait.

For the staff members who were diligently working to prepare the programming and facilities in accordance with the new policies and processes due to COVID-19 – these calls meant the world to them.

RMHC Toronto Camp is known for providing children with a positive experience during a difficult time in their lives. Now more than ever, our Camp is helping kids have fun while they adapt to social distancing.

Our top priority continues to be keeping everyone safe while having fun – which looks a little bit different this summer. Every camper has their own weekly activity package, which is filled with everything they will need for the week, such as toys and materials for all the different activities. This ensures everyone maintains social distancing while not touching any of the same items.

Julia Bursa, Programs Coordinator, sees the positive impact Camp has on the children.

“The campers are laughing, playing, and forming friendships. They are finding comfort in having a typical fun summer experience with other kids who understand what they are going through,” says Julia.

Our Camp is known for offering a variety of unique activities throughout our House, so some of the activity highlights include weekly themes, arts and crafts at their individual desk in the School, and getting creative with chalk on the walkways in our Tranquility Garden.

“It’s the greatest feeling when I hear campers say they’re having the best day ever. Knowing they’ll have these good memories to look back on during an otherwise difficult time is what makes RMHC Toronto Camp so special,” says Julia.

Our free, accredited camp doesn’t just run during the summer. It’s also offered during March Break, December holidays and School PD Days. RMHC Toronto Camp is one of the many ways we provide a sense of normalcy for children and families during a difficult time in their lives.

RMHC Toronto is providing more than just summer camp to support families. We are supporting their immediate needs during this time such as providing extra cleaning supplies and individually packaged non-perishable food. If you are interested in donating towards these essential needs, please visit our RMHC Toronto COVID-19 Response Campaign.