Arin, our Front Desk Coordinator, shares how Wear Your Stripes gives her another way to support for families.

Families who stay at our House in downtown Toronto often describe it as a special place where they feel comfortable and safe.

Part of what makes our House so welcoming is the staff who work at our Front Desk.

Arin, Front Desk Coordinator, is one of our many staff members who interact with families almost every single day.

“Families share their struggles and triumphs with me. It’s such an honour to be part of their journey,” says Arin.

Arin is known to go above and beyond to support our families. She is often the first person to wish a family a “good morning” before they leave for the hospital, can answer any question a family might have about the House, and is always ready to provide a listening ear to a parent who needs it. Arin’s kindness has not gone unnoticed by many of the families who have stayed with us.

“I will always remember this family who was going through an extremely difficult time before they left, and they gave me a jar of jam made from strawberries grown on their farm. During their hardship and grief, this family thought to show their gratitude and I was so inspired by their resiliency and thoughtfulness.”

When Arin heard about Wear Your Stripes, she knew this would be a great way to support even more families.

“I have many pairs of striped socks so it will be easy for me to wear my stripes! Whether it is a room at the House or a recliner in a Family Room, I think it is so important to help RMHC Toronto provide families with a space to call their own when they need it most.”

Thank you to Arin and the many other RMHC Toronto staff members who are showing their love for RMHC Toronto by participating in Wear Your Stripes.

You can join Arin and the rest of the RMHC Toronto team by registering now for Wear Your Stripes! Sign up, set a goal, and start fundraising to support families. Then from Friday, October 15 to Sunday, October 17, 2021, wear red and white stripes to show your love for RMHC Toronto.

Register today at